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Original Draper building stars



 Draper Star Fridge Magnet

Draper Replica star


The revered Draper building had been a central fixture in the town of Hopedale for over a century until its dismantling in 2021. Most notably, the iconic cast iron stars that were used as architectural supports on the side of the building were part of the demolition. Many residents expressed interest in obtaining these stars, but few were made available.

Subsequently, they became highly sought-after souvenirs. To preserve the Draper heritage, we have decided to manufacture replicas of these iconic stars for purchase.

We now have our first versions of replicas available. They include a 3-inch diameter fridge magnet and a 2.5-inch Christmas Ornament, both of which are machined from aluminum. See our "Products" page for further details.


For further backstory on these types of architectural supports: